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Whole-life Assets Management

L4M7 Whole-life Assets Management update: 25-09-2023

A10   (142 Q&As)
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A6  Analysing the Supply Market
add to cart  Add to wish list  145 Q&As  Updated: 13-09-2014   Price:$19.00
A7  An Introduction to Purchasing Strategy
add to cart  Add to wish list  148 Q&As  Updated: 13-09-2014   Price:$19.00
A8  Preparing and Managing Contracts
add to cart  Add to wish list  144 Q&As  Updated: 13-09-2014   Price:$19.00
A9  International Logistics
add to cart  Add to wish list  151 Q&As  Updated: 13-09-2014   Price:$19.00
A10  Measuring Performance in Purchasing and Supply
add to cart  Add to wish list  142 Q&As  Updated: 25-09-2023   Price:$24.99
L4M7  Whole-life Assets Management
add to cart  Add to wish list  135 Q&As  Updated: 25-09-2023   Price:$24.99
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