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NowExam.com was founded in 2010. The safer,easier way to help you pass IT exams . We provide high quality IT exams practice questions and answers. Especially, IBM , Cisco , CCNA , CCDA , CCNP, Vmware VCP310, Checkpoint CCSE, CompTIA A+,Network+ certification practice exams and so on.

Many persons know some other companies, but Let's give you the difference between us:

Some other companies : cheap, more questions but you have to study them hard and they can’t promise you how many test points, you have no confidence whether it can help you to pass the exam or not.

NowExam : less questions with resonable price, and we promise that almost all the test points would be found from our products. Our users just need to study the Q&As we provide carefully, then could pass the exam by yourself.

For example, CCNA product, some companies show you 1000+ questions but we supply 252 questions only, because other companies never delete the old questions which will not be used yet. It will make you waste much time. Sometimes, time is much more expensive than money. By the way, although it is cheap, but if you fail once and retake the exam, you will also spend money again. 

So users can make their choice from these advantage and disadvantage by themselves.

Please use the following methods to contact NowExam: sales(at)NowExam.com

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